• Incorporating new tools into your life is not easy

    these resources can support you as you explore what works for you


    Here are some of my favorites, I hope they serve you well too.


    Be persistent - if something doesn't resonate with you, try something else.


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  • Online Resources

    Breath Awareness

    My absolute favorite advice on meditating!

    Simple, straightforward, easy to do - and fun to listen to!

    Yoga with Adrienne

    This video is for "Manual Labor" - she has MANY different videos on her channel, there is something for everyone and very beginner-friendly

    Guided Stretching

    This video guides you through stretches that address muscles that are frequently used

    Lower Back Stretches

    The lower back is a common problem area. There are many approaches to addressing pain and stiffness, this video is general enough to apply to many situations

  • Farm Health Data

    Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety & Health Center



    Rural Health Information Hub



    Article on Farmer Health



    Mindfulness Practice

    Elisha Goldstein’s 5-Minute Body Scan



    Practice tuning in with your body with this short exercise


    Palouse Mindfulness Online Training



    This is a free online training library for developing a mindfulness practice


    Pain Assessment



    This is a great tool for monitoring and assessing pain - it is geared toward caring for a loved one, but can certainly be applied to monitoring our own


    Body Mechanics



    Visual guide to mechanics of movement with advice on good strategies

    (make sure to click DOWNLOAD in the upper left corner to access the file, it is just a PDF)